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Medicare Clinic FAQ

An annual physical is a complete physical exam that can include blood work, checking your height, weight and blood pressure. For women, a Pap test may be done, and for men of a certain age, a prostate exam. Yearly check-ups are an important part of preventative care, especially for people with certain risk factors. If you have questions about risk factors or have concerns about your health, please ask your doctor.

Yes. We typically see both walk-in and pre-booked appointments. While no appointment is usually necessary, you can call to have a pre-booked consultation.

Our wait times vary depending on the time of the day and weekends. We always do our best to ensure everyone is seen in a timely fashion without compromising care.

Yes. We have a team of Pediatricians, Psychiatrists & Pain specialists across our clinics. We have Advanced Respirology and Respiratory care at our Royal Oak Clinic. See your family doctor to discuss more with regards to getting a referral.

Yes, we work closely with the PCN and have Nurses, Pharmacists, and Behavioral Health Consultants to provide a Multidisciplinary approach to your health needs and care

It is important to realize that provincial health only pays for “essential services,“ not for services that it deems “non-essential.“ Some services are NOT covered,and each individual must pay for these services at the time of registration. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Aviation medicals
  • Immigration Medicals
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Drivers’ Medicals
  • Medical certificates, sick notes, maternity leave forms, etc.
  • Third party request forms (g., Insurance forms)
  • Motor vehicle accident reports
  • Chart transfers or chart copies
  • Travel medicine advice and immunizations